Helping Makers Help Others introduces Makers and Assistive Technology (AT) users and give these two communities the tools they need to collaborate.

AT users and those who support them desperately need engineers and technologists to help them with everyday tasks. High School STEM and Robotics students, hobbyists & DIY electronics enthusiasts have the skills necessary to create innovative solutions today.

STEM clubs & Robotics Teams

  • Complete service projects with our step-by-step guides
  • Apply your skills where they’re needed today

AT Professionals & Users

  • Find Makers in your area who can help
  • Learn about new technology you need

Makers & Engineers

  • Bring your skills to bear on todays AT problems
  • Help mentor the next generation of AT Engineers

Latest News (See All)

  • Handraiser Light This assistive technology “Handraiser Light” can be used to gain attention when a person is unable to physically “raise their hand”. It is designed to ...
  • Jack-in-the-Box Turner Check out how to switch adapt this Jack-in-the-Box. A person with disabilities can now use their AT switch to turn the crank of this beloved ...
  • ATMakers Gaming for Everyone Project ATMakers Gaming for All Project #SoEveryoneCanGame With the addition last year of the XBox Adaptive Controller, followed by the recent release of the Adaptive Gaming Kit ...

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