IntelliKeys Adapter Beta Program

We are happy to announce that the ATMakers IntelliKeys Adapter program is graduating!  We have partnered with Ron Nelson who is making these and selling them commercially on Etsy. We will continue to accept applications for a device at the charity and will help those who cannot afford to purchase an adapter, however, we ask that users in urgent need of an adapter consider purchasing an adapter if possible.

This device allows an IntelliKeys keyboard to be plugged into practically any device that accepts a standard USB keyboard and type normally without any installed drivers.

This means that if you are currently using an IntelliKeys with one of the standard overlays (QWERTY, Web Access, etc.), you may now be able to type on an Android, ChromeBook, the latest Mac, and Windows without requiring a driver.

While designed by our founder, Bill Binko, we have partnered with our long-time, trusted partner, Roaring Riptide: FRC Team 4118, to build and manage the distribution of these devices.  We will be working to choose a group of beta-testers over the next few weeks and would love your involvement.

Bill Binko provided an overview of how this Beta Program will work in this video: check it out!

Here are some ground-rules of the Beta Program:

  1. Devices will be provided free of charge, as-is, with no warranty or return policy to participants.
  2. We will be starting with end-users of the IntelliKeys Keyboards who use it for communication and who use the standard overlays (not custom overlays made with Overlay Maker).
  3. We cannot provide more than one device per user at this time.
  4. While we eventually hope to provide a commercial source for these devices, at this time, these are being fully funded by ATMakers, Inc. a 501(c)(3) charity to support the communication of AT Users.  Please consider supporting us in this effort.

Please complete the application below to be considered for participation.

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