Supporting IntelliKeys Users

Driver Update!

New drivers that will work with Windows 10 are now available!

IntelliKeys keyboards and the software that goes with them have been a staple in AT for decades.  Recently, Ablenet (who now owns IntelliTools maker of the keyboards) has discontinued them, however, they have chosen to release all of the software for the devices under an Open Source license, and ATMakers is now helping to support users who want to continue using them.

This is a huge step forward for our AT industry, and shines the way for other “sunset” software and supports to continue to be supported long after a company ends their official support.

From our data collection, we know there are thousands of Intellikeys out there, some being used, some sitting on shelves!  Our goal is to support everyone who wants to continue using these devices.

If you have them, and want to stay involved in the project to help make them an open source project… please complete this short form!  This will help us stay in contact with you, and to know what parts of the hardware and software are most important for you.

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