Donate on #GivingTuesday and Get Free Stuff!

Yes, we are serious! Today is #GivingTuesday and thanks to the amazing volunteers at the 2018 Adapt-A-Thon this past weekend, we have a stock of 3D Printed AT Switches and Switch Interfaces. And we’re going to give them away with every donation of $25 or more!

How It Works

Make a donation of $25 or more today (Nov 27,  2018) and we will send you a 3D Printed Light Touch Switch as a thank you for supporting us.  You can learn more about the new switch design in this video:

Not enough for you?  Want to give more?  Make a donation of $100 today and we will send you a KeySwitch interface device, also built by our volunteers at the Adapt-A-Thon.

The KeySwitch is a brand new design that allows your switches to act as a keyboard or mouse (or both) and is completely customizable – even down to reprogramming it completely.  Help us test this great new tool as we roll it out!

How to Donate

If you’re active on Facebook, please consider donating through their system as they’ve agreed to match up to $7M in donations today.  You can find a Donate link on our Facebook Page 

If you’d prefer, please consider donating here via PayPal.  Just click the donate button below and enter your amount.  Anything you can give is appreciated and will be put to great use.

No matter how you donate, please don’t contribute anonymously if you’d like us to send you a thank you gift.  You must include your contact information (we will follow up if we need more details for mailing, etc.).

Got No Cash?  No Problem!

Don’t worry, our designs are still 100% open source and free for you to use on the internet… and we’ll even help you find a Robotics Team or STEM program in your area to help you build the solutions you need.  This is just a fun way to thank the people who’ve helped us get ATMakers off the ground.

The Fine Print

  1. Our accountant tells us we should put a valuation on these two devices so that you can deduct appropriately.  So we’re estimating $15 for the switch and $45 for the interface.  That’s based on their Bill of Materials and the fact that they come As-Is and with no warranty.
  2. We will ship to the continental US via USPS First Class Mail (or better).  Any addresses outside of that area will need to contact us for shipping information and to determine if we can support you before you make a donation.  We may not be able to support those outside the US mainland (but we will try).
  3. You are limited to one free switch for a $25 donation and one free interface for a $100 donation.  So if you’d like both, it should be a donation of $125 or more.  However, under no circumstances will we provide more than one of each to an individual (regardless of the number of donations)
  4. This opportunity is limited to our current stock of switches and is strictly first-come, first-served.

Happy Holidays!

The ATMakers Team