Talking 123 Cookie Monster – Switch Adaptation

In this guide, we show how to switch enable Talking 123 Cookie Monster.


Remember, you may need to re-package these so open them carefully!!!!

  1. Cut tap at the rear back of the box on each side and the top of the box.
  2. Unwrap straps but leave the straps on the box and re-attach them after removing Cookie.
    • IMG_1939IMG_1940
  3. Take out the speech device from the back [If doing similar toys, label it Cookie with a Sharpie (Elmo has the same case and you don’t want to get them mixed up!!!)].
    • IMG_00136
  4. Unscrew all 5 screws.
    • IMG_00137IMG_00145
  5. We need to create a place for the jack assembly to enter the control box.  To modify the box cut one of the screw holes guides and drilling out the other one.
    • IMG_00143IMG_00144IMG_00149
  6. Create a 3.5mm (1/8) “Free Hanging” Stereo Jack (adapted to mono-configuration) which a switch will plug into.
  7. Lace the mono-jack into the housing.
    • IMG_00150
  8. Place a solder dot on the circuit board.
    1. Before
      • IMG_00146
    2. After
      • IMG_00148
  9. Now solder one of the mono-jack wires to the spot of solder that you added and the second wire to the solder point where the black wires was already connected.  Both soldering point only require a light touch the solder point to heat it up and touch the wire to it and then remove the heat.
    • IMG_00152
  10.  Test.
    1. Adaptive port
    2. Normal switch
  11. Repackage.
    • IMG_1928