Fart Blaster – Switch Adaptation

In this guide, we add an AT Switch jack to a Fart Blaster so that switch users can use it.


Remember, you may need to repackage these!!!!

  1. Cut the tape at the four places on the sides of the boxes and peel down the front flap.
  2. Cut tape at the top of the case.
  3. Pull down the bottom tabs and unfold the sides.
    • IMG_1937
  4. Cut the two zip ties (use new one’s when you repackage).
  5. Unscrew all screws to split gun in two.
    • IMG_1945
  6. Create a mono-jack.  For this toy the type of Mono-Jack to use depends on how they manufactured the toy (there are 2 different versions).  One version has a hollow black knob at the butt of the gun and one has a solid black knob at the butt of the gun.
    1. Hollow Knob at the Butt of the Gun: Use a 3.5mm (1/8) Panel Mount Stereo Jack (adapted to mono-configuration).
    2. Solid Knob at the Butt of the Gun:  3.5mm (1/8) “Free Hanging” Stereo Jack (adapted to mono-configuration)
      1. NOTE:  You will not use the housing and plastic piece that go around the jack itself.  This is because it needs to fit in the hole you will be drilling.
  7. Create a place for the jack to go in (if the butt end of your gun was hollow you will simply mount the jack with the nut).
    1. Using vice grips to hold the butt end of the gun (or something other than your hand!!!), drill a whole into the end with a 3/8 inch bit on the inside.
    2. You will glue the 3.5mm jack (aluminum style with a spring on the end) into this hole.
      • IMG_00115
  8. Now slip your adaptive port wires through the butt (MAKE sure it is facing the right way).
  9. Splice the AT Adaptive port into the blue wires of the Fart Gun (there should be two wires that are the same color–they maybe blue).
    1. IMG_00108
    2. Cut the blue wires approximately 2 inches from the end and strip 1/4 inch off.
    3. Place a small piece of shrink tube over one of the ends so you can slip it into place later.
      1. Typically cut a shrink tube in 1/2 so it is not too long.
    4. Connect the Fart Gun wire to the adaptive port wire by twisting together.
      • IMG_00109
    5. Solder all 3 wires together (Both ends of the blue wire you cut and one of the adaptive port wires).
      1. Tip the soldering iron with solder.
      2. Heat the wire up.
      3. Drive the solder into the wire.
        • IMG_00111
      4. Slide the shrink wrap over the solder point.
      5. Heat with lighter.
        • IMG_00110
      6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other blue wire and 2nd adaptive port wire.
    6. Have electrical tape so you can tape the wires down in place so they don’t get pinched (this is important).
    7. Use super glue to complete the installation of the mono-jack (only required if butt of the gun was solid).
      • IMG_00127
    8. Super glue the switch back into the handle of the gun if necessary.
      • IMG_00130
    9. Place the blue wires back into place and ensure that every wire is in its slot.
      • IMG_00129
  10. Reassemble
    1. (PLEASE READ), three of the screws are shorter then the rest.  Those three need to go in the top of the Gun and the Handle.  If you put long screws in you will go through the plastic!
    2. ALSO, the horn has some notches and you may need to pay attention to them to get it re-assembled.
  11. Now test
    1. Original switch
    2. Adaptive port
  12. Put back in packaging
    1. Get new long zip ties.
    2. Push zip ties through plastic package holder and back of packaging, then come back through.  The key is really that the zip tie itself ends up in the back of the packaging so they don’t show and you can trim the extra.
      • IMG_1929

NOTE:  The Amazon version had a solid plastic butt end while the Walmart version was hollow (and easier…).