Baby Einstein – Switch Adaptation

In this guide, we will show how to adapt a Baby Einstein to be switch enabled.


Remember, you may need to re-package these so open them carefully!!!!

  1. Use an exacto knife and carefully cut the plastic.  We will put this back in with tape.
    • IMG_1941IMG_1942
  2. Remove the four screws from the back (you don’t need to remove the battery screw)
    • Note there is some glue on the inside so there is a need for a slight tug.
  3. Create a 3.5mm (1/8) Panel Mount Stereo Jack (adapted to mono-configuration)  (option 1 from the “Stereo-jack with Mono-jack Configuration” guide).
  4. Drill a hole on back of the panel with 1/4 inch drill bit  (when the back is facing you–see photo and note where the finger is pointing…the other hole was a prior attempt and an accident)
    • IMG_1954
  5. Splice into the solder points on the board itself by heating the existing points and adding in the adaptive jack
    1. Solder on to the board itself
      • IMG_1956
    2. Final version
      • IMG_1959
  6. Repackage
    1. Put the screws back in
    2. Slip back into the package
    3. Tape with scotch tape.
      • IMG_1933