Gazillion Bubbles – Switch Adaptation

In this guide we adapt a Gazillion Bubble Blower

Required Items:

  • 3.5MM 1/8 Inch Gold Plated Stereo Jack Panel Mount Solder Connector (Amazon: click here)
    • Adaptive Jack
    • Triangle headed 1.8 screw driver (who knows why….Amazon $7.50 prime)
    • Phillips head screw driver
    • Single core coated wire (braided will work but is harder)
    • Shrink wrap tubing
    • Lighter
    • Soldering Iron
    • Helping hands (optional but recommended)
    • Hot glue
    • Drill with 1/8 inch bit

Steps: Unpackaging (Important if adapting to give as a present).

    1. Cut tape along box back, top and bottom.
    2. Flip over and cut zip ties holding in only the green part of the toy (do not cut the bubbles zip tie or the zip tie that runs through the inside of the toy and through the bottom).
    3. Cut off the zip tie covering the battery case and remove battery cover.
    4.  Remove the top battery cover and the four Philips head screws for the battery case (yes there are 2 covers…).
    5. Remove the four battery case screws with a size 1.8 triangle headed screw driver.    
    6. Set the battery case aside and drill a small hole just above the middle of the case.
    7. Drill a second hole in the outside of the case.  We did it near the front but in retrospect, we recommend you do it closer to the red and black wires running up the side but still in the front section.
    8. Build a 3.5mm (1/8) Panel Mount Stereo Jack (adapted to mono-configuration) and attach it to the case with the nut.
    9. Run the wires from the jack up the hole into the area of the battery case and tin & trim each of them.
    10. Solder the jack wires to the existing Gazillion switch stems.
    11. Hot glue the jack wires to the bed so the battery case will sit on top of them without damaging them.
    12. READ CAREFULLY.  Insert the battery case on top of the wires but note that it must go in only 1 way.
    13. When putting on the battery holder top, ensure the tab lines up with the notch on the case (they are different sizes).
    14. Use a zip tie secure the Gazillion to the box by using the existing box holes and the zip tie that you did not cut that ran through the middle of the toy.