ATMakers Gaming for Everyone Project

ATMakers Gaming for All Project #SoEveryoneCanGame

With the addition last year of the XBox Adaptive Controller, followed by the recent release of the Adaptive Gaming Kit from Logitech G, it is increasingly possible to sharing Gaming with Everyone. In fact, for many switch users over five or six, an accessible XBox setup may be one of the best gifts possible this year.

And with Black Friday sales on this year, XBox One S consoles are starting at $150 from many vendors including direct from Microsoft and at Amazon with free shipping!  That’s at least $100 off the regular price.

Therefore, over the next few weeks, with support from our sponsor, LessonPix, and our partners at AbleGamers, we are going to try to get the word out about this fantastic setup as well as pull together adapted gaming setups for centers that can’t always get approved to buy consumer electronics (let alone a gaming console!).

We’ve setup a “Donate” button on this page where you can choose to make a charitable donation to this effort.  For the first 10 XBox consoles donated,  LessonPix has offered to purchase a matching one.  Our friends at AbleGamers have offered the same match on XBox Adaptive Controllers.  (We don’t have a sponsor (yet!) for the Logitech G Kits, but we’re working on it!)

Watch this space for more details including information about the recipient organizations and how you can get involved!

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