Jack in the box turner

Jack-in-the-Box Turner

Check out how to switch adapt this Jack-in-the-Box. A person with disabilities can now use their AT switch to turn the crank of this beloved toy and make “Jack” pop out!

This design has a curved based at the bottom to allow view of the pictures on each side of the box. The bottom of the box is left open to save 3-D printing time and filament.



1. 3-D Print pieces: “Base Mount” for motor and box and “Knob Mount”. 3-D Printed Jack-in-the-box base and knob mount

2. Drill Holes for jack for switch and for power to batteries. (Notice error in that we drilled holes across from each other, not leaving enough room for both the power jack and the jack for the switch. If you make either hole too high, it may be difficult to run wires.)

Switch Jack and Power Jack

3. Attach small DC motor on arm of base mount and run wires down shaft. Hole in bottom helps to wire motor and then tuck the wires inside.

Hole in bottom to wire up

4. Wire switch jack and power jack (or battery pack) to DC motor.

Wires to Batteries

5. Plug in a switch to test that motor turns. When switch is closed, contact is closed to turn motor.

6. Insert Jack in the box in base mount and knob in the knob mount. Use poster tack to hold box in mount if needed.

Close up of knob mount

7. Plug in the switch and have fun!