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How to be a (More) Maker-Friendly AT Vendor

Thank you to all the Assistive Technology vendors out there: the devices you create make everyday activities possible for AT Users every day!

We’d love to work with you to make your products and policies more Maker-Friendly.  To that end, we’ve asked our community of AT Users, Practitioners, Makers and Care-Givers to share their challenges using Assistive Technology products.

We then tried to rework it into a more positive “How To” document that you can use as a guide.  You can find the raw (constantly updated) Google Doc file here:

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3D Printed AT Switches

This project is a great way to get those idle 3D Printers running and make something useful for AT Users in your community!

We’ve designed 3D Printed Switches that you can easily download and assemble.  This guide will show you how!  If you’re an AT User or part of an AT team (parent, SLP, ATP, etc.), bring this guide to your local STEM or Robotics team and they’ll know how to put it to good use.

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Easy AT Switch Positioning w/Free 3D Printed Camera Mounts

Positioning switches is critical for folks with severe and profound physical challenges. Getting the AT Switch “just right” reduces fatigue, increases accuracy, and makes communication and environmental control much more successful.

[For those of you on the Maker side who don’t understand AT Switches, check out Max Lasko rockin’ on two switches to control the My Pal Scout we made for him.]

This project uses 3D Printed adapters to add a standard 1/4″-20 (pronounced “Quarter-Twenty”) camera mount to common AT Switches. This is a great project for STEM programs that have an idle 3D Printer and need service hours and is a huge improvement for AT Switch users.

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Connect an AT Switch as a PC Keyboard for under $20

Background: What are AT Switches?

People with physical challenges often are very limited in their ability to make precise movements with their arms, fingers, etc.  (This is known as having poor “fine motor” control.)

This severely limits their ability to control things like keyboards, mice, pens and pencils.  If the person is also unable to speak, they may have no way to communicate.

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Our First Project: A Switch Enabled Cariboo Game

This site is our first attempt to express a simple idea:

Open Source Hardware (and Software) provides tools that the Assistive Technology users could benefit from tremendously.  Let’s make that happen.

Our first project will be to create complete instructions for the Switch-Enabled Cariboo® Game we created for display in the booth.  Hopefully, this will lead to more detailed discussions of how the amazing low-cost commodity hardware now available to Makers can help those who rely on Assistive Technology.

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