What if I don’t have a 3D Printer?

Recently we’ve started getting requests from AT professionals, SLPs, and parents who really want to make one of our projects, but don’t have a 3D Printer.  Well, we have good news: you don’t need one!

We’ve got three great ways for you to get your 3D Printed parts so your project will rock.

Find a High School STEM program!

First Inspires Is More than RobotsChances are really good that you live near a High School with a STEM or Robotics club.  Thanks to the recent STEM initiatives, your school board has provided many of them with 3D printers.  And if it’s not the height of Robotics Season, they’re probably sitting idle!  Bring them a link to our guide (which will have everything they need) and you’re golden!

We’re working hard to signup these clubs as ATMakers Affiliates, and we’ll be putting together a “Find a Maker” tool soon.  But in the meantime, you can find Robotics clubs through the FIRST program which hosts the competitions nationally.  Here’s how:

  1. Visit the FIRST Team Search Page on FirstInspires.org
  2. Choose “FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)” and “FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)” as the Program Types and enter your location and distance (start at 25mi)
  3. Click “Search” in the upper right (with no text in the search box) to get a list of teams in your area
  4. Click on each “Team Number” to get details on the teams.  Many will have a website, and all will have a sponsoring school or organization

All of the “FRC” teams and many of the “FTC” teams very technically capable: they can print your parts!  If you need help reaching out to us, please let us know (in the form below).

Use a 3D Printing Service like 3DHubs

3DHubs.com and other printing services like it will take your 3D Printing files (called “STLs”) and send them to local providers who will give you an instant quote at no obligation.  Then, you can work through the printing process and usually get prints made (and delivered) for $10 or less!

We worked through the process (live on YouTube) with our local 3DHubs provider: take a look!

Ask us for help!

We’re always ready to help on the ATMakers Facebook Group – we can get you a local Maker to help, find a public library with a MakerSpace, or even make one and send it to you as a last resort.

If you can’t get on Facebook, fill out the form below and we’ll assign you a guide to get you up and running!

As always, Good Luck and Have Fun!