Ella’s first project: driving her power chair!

Miss Ella Hunt (5yo SMA type-1) is a bit of a celebrity in her Indiana town–she’s on the news quite a bit, and even went to Washington to testify before the FDA fighting to get the first effective SMA drug (Spinraza) for everyone who needs it.

But for us, she’s just a kid who need to get mobile, and we’re delighted with the progress this week!  Here’s Ella’s first attempt at using her power chair with just two switches.  More information about links to our in-progress follows the video:

To create the adapter, we used an Adafruit Feather Bluefruit M0 to take two input switches, apply a bit of logic and timing control and then control three outputs via a Relay Board that we designed and built. We’ll make a full guide for this project, but we probably need a waiver of liability form for this one (Erica Hunt, Ella’s mom took ownership of the device before we used it, and was awesome).

Here’s some background if you want to follow the project:



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